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    Life as a Girl-Dads: What it feels like to raise a daughter from a Father’s perspective

    Follow me Trevor Gabbidon, author of Daughters Grow Up So Fast: From A Father’s Perspective, joined me on the Podcast this week. We had such an exciting conversation about the intricacies of being a girl dad. I enjoyed listening to him talk about being a father and enjoying the ride and experiences of a girl dad. The Mind of a Girl Dad Ever wonder what goes on in the mind of a girl-dad? Trevor and I dive into what goes on in the mind of a dad as he watches his little girl grow up. Trevor and I also discussed how raising girls differs from raising boys and the essential…

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    How To Teach Your Children About Their Self-worth.

    Follow me One of the toughest experiences for a parent is the heart-wrenching feeling of helplessness when your child questions their self-worth by expressing that “nobody likes me” or “I have no friends.” Imagine a child going into a new experience, like the first day of school, especially the first day in a new school. How do you prepare a child walking into a new experience or unfamiliar environment to ensure limited anxiety around “nobody likes me?” Use Love to Teach your Children about Their Self-Worth The love of a family is the safest guard to the feeling of not belonging. A family’s love fills a void that many children…

  • What I Wish my Mother Taught Me


    You have an incredible gift, we all do, a gift that no one else on earth has. That gift is simply you. Being self-approved enables you to share that gift with those in your household, those in your school, those in your workplace, even those you meet at the grocery store or at the doctor's office. So, unleash the power within, and give the world the gift of you.

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    The Best Gift My Spouse Has Given Me

    The greatest gift from my husband has been to appreciate myself as I am, as opposed to waiting on his appreciation and approval of me. The gift has also taught me the power of me; it has taught me the power of finding value in God. I love my husband, appreciate his love in so many other ways, I would marry him again any day of the week, but I am most grateful for his lesson on self-love.


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