PODCAST: What I Wish My Mother Taught Me.

I believe that our childhood experiences shape us as adults and can help empower our knowledge and actions as parents.
Are there things you wish someone had told you the truth about? You had to learn things on your own, but the experience would have been much easier if someone had warned you or told you the truth about it. I wish I knew more about things. I wish I knew more about marriage before I got married, or I wish I knew more about parenting before I became a parent.

In each episode, we’ll have conversations with other women, and sometimes men, about childhood lessons learned and lessons lost and how they impact us. Hear from real women as they discuss relationships with their mothers, their relationships with their children, what they learned from their mothers, and what they teach their children. We dive into other relationships, like marriage, relationships with other women struggles with anxiety, fear of failure, and successes.
What I Wish is an excellent opportunity to learn from other women and hear how all mothers have shared experiences. Are you ready to find deep meaning in parenting?

We’ll share real-life tips and approaches to navigating life, using what we wish we knew to help us be better parents and better to ourselves. My goal is to help mothers and daughters have a good relationship from a young age into adulthood.

Latest Episodes

How to Build the Most Fulfilling Relationship with Your Children

Sandra Trew is the founder of Get Real Parenting Coaching, www.getrealparentalcoaching.com, where she helps working parents balance their work/ home life so they can feel confident and not so overwhelmed.  In this episode, we talk about:

How to deal with the common problems parents face 

The two things all children want from their parents

How to maintain consistency as parents

How to heal your childhood wounds to better parent your children

I learned from our conversation that intentional parenting requires parents to heal their childhood wounds to give their best to their children; I also learned to appreciate the importance of validating my children’s feelings and talents.  We also discuss a father’s role in the home and how dads can fulfill their role as a father by getting their needs met. 

What I Wish My Mother Taught Me about Validation and Judgement.

We all have a friend that just gets you, and when you are together, you just enjoy the time with each other.  My guest today is that friend to me.  We had a fantastic time talking about love and validation as children and learning to take on the responsibility of validating yourself and not waiting on a parent or adult to validate you.  This episode goes off the rails at times.  From our conversation, I learned to validate my kids and appreciate the importance of validating my children’s feelings and talents.  I knew that words really do matter.  My guest was absolutely vulnerable, and this episode is perfect for a girl looking for ways to validate themselves so that they can show up authentically to the world.

Men and Vulnerability: The effect of societal norms on the mental health of men

Men are often told to be strong, suck it up, and not show emotions. From a young age, society teaches most boys that being vulnerable isn’t what a man should do, and most of them grow up believing that a man should not be vulnerable. I was struck by the fact that all of the mass shootings we have had in the United States were by men. To address my curiosity about the mass shootings, I invited Raymond Chukwuma, a Licensed Counselor, to discuss how societal norms affect men. We also discuss what parents can do to change the message boys receive to help them communicate their feelings much easier and show vulnerability. In this episode, Raymond and I discuss

1. What his mother taught him 

2. How societal norms shape the brain of a young man

3. Creating a safe space for men to express themselves freely.

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