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    Tools to help little girls understand their menstrual cycle and how to manage it.

    Follow me I had the pleasure of chatting with Briana Villegas on a recent episode of What I Wish My Mother Taught Me. Briana is a Cycle-Syncing coach, and she helps women understand and leverage the different stages of their menstrual cycle. Helping women turn the cycle into something that works for them instead of something to push through or pretend isn’t there. Our cycle impacts every aspect of our life, communication, our motivation, our energy, our appetite, and how we relate to other people in our life. Tools to Help Young Girls Manage their Cycle Women should have basic knowledge of how our bodies work and how it should…

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  • What every woman should do and know before marriage
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    Preparing for Marriage: What Every Woman Should Know and Do.

    Follow me Most girls aspire to be married but fail to work on themselves in preparation for marriage. Marriage can sometimes be challenging, but the steps we take in preparing for marriage can significantly impact the success of the marriage despite the challenges. A self-aware and confident woman in the value of who she is will enable her to communicate her needs confidently and wants to her partner. What a Woman Should Know Before Marriage Your Spouse will not Complete You It is Unfair to Expect Your Spouse to MEET All of Your Needs Manage Your Expectations Understand Your Strengths and What Characteristics will Complement Your Strengths Understand that Love…

  • International Women's Day
    Value of a Woman

    Celebration of Women: Breaking the Biases of Inequity Placed on Women.

    One month or one day isn't enough to celebrate women; we should be celebrated every day. Women should be celebrated for the balance they bring to the home. Of equal importance and worthy of celebration is the number of barriers that women have broken; as we post about "phenomenal women," about "motherhood," and about pride, let's also remind the world of what has not been accomplished. We should #choosetochallenge the very notion of equity, #choosetochallnge gaps in education, #choosetochallenge the pay gap, #choosetochallenge the pink tax.

  • Prioritizing self care for women
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    You Matter as Well: The Truth about Prioritizing Self-Care.

    One of my most favorite things in the world is living a life of purpose. An essential part of living purposefully is recognizing that you exist for a reason. You wake up every day to fulfill a purpose. Choosing to have a family speaks to your values and is an essential part of the journey in fulfilling your purpose. But living a fulfilled life successfully is recognizing that you matter and taking the necessary steps to take care of yourself as a mom and a woman.

  • Unshakeable selFinding Courage and Increasing Self Confidence-Confidence
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    Increasing self-confidence: 3 ways to increase Self-confidence.

    Follow me How do you approach anxiety or uncomfortable issues in your life? Your response and reaction to issues as they arise directly reflect the confidence you have in yourself. Issues are a part of daily life. Whether at work or home or even just driving on the road or while shopping. Responding to the issues or an uncomfortable situation as they arise requires courage—unshakable confidence in yourself and your abilities. Having courage begins from within. Some people choose to run away when issues arise and avoid dealing with them altogether. In contrast, others choose to deal with the issues head-on. Unshakeable Sef-Confidence Unshakeable confidence is best defined by understanding…


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