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    Reparenting Your Inner Child: Finding Healing and Self-Growth

    Follow me A lot of who I am today is as a direct result of my childhood experinces. I find myself going into protective mode when I am in the presence of someone I don’t ultimately trust. On this episode of What I Wish My Mother Taught Me, my guest Jana Wilson, author of Wise Little One: Learning to Love and Listen to My Inner Child . As an emotional healing educator, meditation teacher, retreat leader, public speaker, hypnotherapist, and the founder of the Emotional Healing System, Jana Wilson has helped thousands heal from the pain of their past.  The Inner Child Living Inside All of Us Our inner child is a part of ourselves that’s…

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    Back to School Tips for Your Pre-teen Girl

    Follow me Being a girl mom is extremely reqarding. I am blessed to be mom to a beautiful, confident and self loving pre-teen girl. Preparing for back to school requires lots of planning and preparation. Gone are the days where I make back to school list, walk into Target and buy all that I planned for her to use for the new school year. Evolving As your Pre-Teen Evolves Evolution is the name of the game with children, especially pre-teen girls. Here are steps I take to build and maintain a strong relationship with my pre-teen daughter. Maintain Open Line of Communication with your Pre-teen Communication is like magic. A…

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    Back to School Supplies for Middle Schoolers

    Follow me It is back to school season. As I write this post, my kids have only been out of school for 4 days, but I am determined to prepare for back to school ahead of time. No procrastinating on my back to school organization or back to school shopping until the last 2 weeks of summer vacation. This back to school checklist, will provide you with a complete back to school guide for all that you and your kid needs ahead of the beginning of the school year. Organization Items: 3 ring heavy duty 2” white view front binder Dividers, 5 slot, colored tabs Plastic pocket folder, w/prong, assorted…

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    Life as a Girl-Dads: What it feels like to raise a daughter from a Father’s perspective

    Follow me Trevor Gabbidon, author of Daughters Grow Up So Fast: From A Father’s Perspective, joined me on the Podcast this week. We had such an exciting conversation about the intricacies of being a girl dad. I enjoyed listening to him talk about being a father and enjoying the ride and experiences of a girl dad. The Mind of a Girl Dad Ever wonder what goes on in the mind of a girl-dad? Trevor and I dive into what goes on in the mind of a dad as he watches his little girl grow up. Trevor and I also discussed how raising girls differs from raising boys and the essential…


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