• Unshakeable selFinding Courage and Increasing Self Confidence-Confidence
    Value of a Woman,  What I Wish my Mother Taught Me

    Increasing self-confidence: 3 ways to increase Self-confidence.

    Follow me How do you approach anxiety or uncomfortable issues in your life? Your response and reaction to issues as they arise directly reflect the confidence you have in yourself. Issues are a part of daily life. Whether at work or home or even just driving on the road or while shopping. Responding to the issues or an uncomfortable situation as they arise requires courage—unshakable confidence in yourself and your abilities. Having courage begins from within. Some people choose to run away when issues arise and avoid dealing with them altogether. In contrast, others choose to deal with the issues head-on. Unshakeable Sef-Confidence Unshakeable confidence is best defined by understanding…

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  • Joy in the small things
    What I Wish my Mother Taught Me,  Woman of Faith

    Finding Joy in a Field of Sadness

    Follow me How do you find joy when the world is filled with sadness? I recently received a text from my very dear friend asking, “why is there no love in the world?” to which I responded, “what do you mean?” and she went on to explain that there is no joy, no love, so much hatred. Even when you read a positive and uplifting post on social media, there is at least one negative comment. Our daily exposure to the internet, the news, our own lives may lead us to sadness. How do we find joy in all of it? I agree there is so much negativity in the…

  • Boldly plan for your future
    College Bound,  What I Wish my Mother Taught Me

    How to Develop Courage: A Courageous Vision

    Follow me A COURAGEOUS VISION brings about life changes. COURAGE is the ability to act even when faced with fear, pain, or grief. Vision is the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom. Author and Ramsey Network personality Ken Coleman frequently talks about ‘your Mount Everest. That is the highest peak you want to achieve in your career. Dreaming big and reaching your mount Everest would be nearly impossible without a clear plan for the future. It would be equally impossible without the strength to overcome or push through pain or fear. Courage to Dream Beyond the Expectations of others. Oprah Winfrey tells a story…

  • What I Wish my Mother Taught Me


    You have an incredible gift, we all do, a gift that no one else on earth has. That gift is simply you. Being self-approved enables you to share that gift with those in your household, those in your school, those in your workplace, even those you meet at the grocery store or at the doctor's office. So, unleash the power within, and give the world the gift of you.


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