Back to School 2023 Tips

It is back to school season. As I write this post, my kids have only been out of school for 4 days, but I am determined to prepare for back to school ahead of time. No procrastinating on my back to school organization or back to school shopping until the last 2 weeks of summer vacation. This back to school checklist, will provide you with a complete back to school guide for all that you and your kid needs ahead of the beginning of the school year.

Strategy for a Seamless Back to School Experience.

The best advice for the ultimate back to school guide is to create a strategy that allows you to tackle your back to school tasks one at a time and at a comfortable-stress free pace.

Guide to a Stress Free Back to School

  1. Purchase a Create a simple Go-to menu.
    1. Clothes for Back to School. Before you go shopping for back to school clothes, sort through last years clothes and determine what new clothing items your kids will need for back to school. This will enable you to shop for back to school with a plan and purpose in mind.

    Establish Bed TIme Routine

    Bed Time Routine: Decide in early July what the kids bedtime will be an what date you will institute the bedtime. Purchase a Prepare for Back to School Shopping

    Gather information from school for back to school supplies, then create a back to school shopping list per grade and per child

    Establish Expectations

    Discusss school year expectations and have a fun family time creating vision boards.

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