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How to Teach Your Kids to Trust You: Become your Children’s Safety Net.

“I tell my kids that I am their safety net. They should come to me with anything. No matter what, I will not judge, but we will work it out together.”How should a parent build trust with their kids?

On the What I Wish Podcast, my guest and I discuss building trust with your children. I learned so much from my guest this week. One of my favorite lessons from our conversations was that I should be my children’s safety net. Establishing yourself as your children’s safety net equates to building a relationship where your children trust you. How do you establish this trust?

Listen Openly

To effectively build trust with your child, you must exhibit signs of actively listening and ensuring that your child feels heard. Being patient and present shows your child that you really care what they have to say.

  • Make eye contact
  • Refrain from interrupting while your child is speaking
  • Remove all distractions (cell phones, TVs, other people who may interrupt)
  • Allow the child to lead the conversation
  • Collaborate with your child in developing a solution and deciding on the next steps.

Listen without Judgement

Build trust with your child by resisting the urge to react to their words. As Selina mentions on the podcast, re-enforce your stance as the safety net. Reassuring your kid that no matter what they say or have done, you will protect them, not pass judgment, and work with them to find a solution.


Every season with your children will evolve. Developing a trusting relationship early on will enable you and your child to communicate openly. It will make your kids feel comfortable speaking to you about their lives at every stage. Teach your kids that you have their back and that no matter what happens, you will not judge them but will help them get through whatever it is they are going through.

Thanks for exploring this topic with me.

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  • Erika R

    This was very informative and well spoken. Thank you for sharing these tips. I will be saving these as reminders to myself as a parent.

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