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A Mothers Heartbeat: The Effect of Your Heartbeat on Your Kids.

Mothers tend to underestimate their connection to their kids, while in reality, the connection begins early. The sound of a mother’s heartbeat takes the stress away from a baby, which causes them to calm down.

Ears on the Heart

Some evenings at bedtime, my son will ask if he can lay on my chest. Most times, I agree; other times, I say, “no, please lay down and go to sleep mommy is too tired.”

One evening after our bedtime story, he asked if he could lay on my chest, and I said yes. I was fully present with him and noticed that his ear was directly on my chest, where he could hear the sound of my heartbeat.

I then realized that he not only loved laying on me, but he loved hearing the sound of my heartbeat. It made me think back to the first time I heard his heartbeat at the doctor’s office. How magical that was for me and how magical it must be for him to listen to my heartbeat now as he falls asleep.

The Importance of Your Heartbeat

The profound psychological and physical bonds shared by the mother and her child begin during gestation when the mother is everything for the developing fetus, supplying warmth and sustenance. At the same time, her heartbeat provides a constant soothing rhythm.

A mother’s heartbeat and unique movements are already imprinted on the baby’s brain at birth, making them feel extra safe and secure.

Your Heart is Connected to Your Kids

I love the quote that “Motherhood, All love begins and ends there.” Your heartbeat is the tangible effect of the first connection with your child. Your heartbeat is the first sound your child becomes familiar with. The heartbeat has the power to calm your anxious child; your heartbeat is one of the magic potions that put your newborn baby to sleep because of its familiarity.

A Mother’s heartbeat is a superpower

The sound of your heartbeat is the epidemy of love for your child. For any mom who has ever questioned her worth, second-guessed her parenting skills, worried over a child’s wrong choices, longed to be a perfect parent, or desired to make a lasting impact on her son or daughter. Know that none of that defines you as a mother. The connection with your child from birth fills all the gaps.

Your heartbeat has such a profound connection to your kids is all the validation you need to know that you are enough and you are already the perfect parent for the children you have.

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  • Nishtha

    Love this! Thank you for this reminder. Yes the bond of mom and child is special and nothing can take away the love and calmness mom can provide to a child.

    • Natasha

      What a beautiful post. And it is so true. I think we are aware of this connection with the heart when our children are babies, yet forget about it when they become toddlers and older. Thank you for remaining me about the connection

  • Diane Molzan

    I never thought that much about this before but it makes so much sense. My son was a very sensitive child and I bet had I allowed him to use my heartbeat to calm down, that would have been a worthwhile strategy. Great post.


    Mother’s have such a tough job, trying to be everything to everybody all the time however I have also seen some that use that as a excuse to not do anything and be self absorbed as well then cry mom shaming. It truly is a hard line to walk.

  • Adriana Thani

    One of the best ways to connect with newborns is through skin-to-skin contact, for exactly this reason! And actually, even in adulthood I’ve felt a lot of peace and comfort from listening to my partner’s heartbeat when we’re curled up together. So here’s to appreciating our heartbeats and the comfort it provides for the ones we love 🙂

  • Farwah Shah

    LOVED this. So many times we don’t realize that children need this contact to feel safe. They have heard our heartbeat from the inside, without the need of an amplifier. They just know that this is the sound that stands for safety. How beautiful is that <3 Thank you for this

  • Nickki

    I wish I would have gotten more skin to skin when my daughter was born for this reason. We both did not do well after delivery so that golden hour was lost. I love when she rests her head on my chest and just relaxes. I didn’t know a love like that could exist. Amazing post. Thank you.

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