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10 Things You Can Start Doing Today to Set You Apart From Your Peers.

Some people are born set apart from their peers. Standing out from the crowd requires a dedication to self-development and excellent self-awareness. Would you like to set yourself apart from your peers? Here are 10 tips for setting yourself apart from the crowd.

Get Clear about Your Values

Clarity about who you are and what you stand for is great character building; it acts as a guide for building the type of life you want. Your values set you apart from your peers by guiding the type of jobs you take, the types of friends you keep, the things that come out of your mouth.

Surround Yourself with People who Share your Values

Surrounding yourself with the right people who share your values will keep you accountable to yourself and a lifestyle befitting those values. Interacting with people who share your values will set you apart from your peers because your life is reflected positively or negatively based on your interaction with your network.

Become Friends with People who are not Totally Aligned with your Values

Surround yourselves with people who think differently. People who can challenge our values and bring a different perspective into your life. When we accept that we don’t know everything and cannot judge all things and all people based on our own values, life is more meaningful.

Find the Gifts and Talents that Set you Apart from Others

There are numerous articles and books about finding purpose. Discovering what excites you will give you a leg up on the competition because you can hone in on your talents and not waste time competing where you are unskilled. Setting yourself apart from your peers means knowing what you do well and becoming an expert in these things.

Be Curious and Excited about your Gifts and Talents.

Being curious about the things that excite you sets you apart from your peers. Curiosity is the impulse to seek new information and experiences and explore novel possibilities. By maintaining an eagerness about learning and self-development, you approach your development from a place that allows others to teach you while also learning from you.

Study Yourself

A healthy dose of self-awareness is good for the soul. I can’t express enough how many times people tell me something about me that they think will hurt my feelings, and my response is “yeah, I know that thank you,” or “yes, I’m aware of it, and I am working on it.”

Get to know yourself, what you like, what you dislike, how your perception of yourself differs from how others experience you. Then, take advantage of the lessons by applying them in the most productive and useful way to get you closer to your goals.

Accept ALL of You: Good, Bad, Indifferent.

As you study yourself, you realize that there are things that need work. You also realize that you are pretty awesome, and there are things you can live with or without. Love and accept all that is awesome about you; revel in it. Scream it from the mountain top, “I AM AWESOME! and make no apologies for how awesome you are.

The bad and indifferent are what they are. Take steps each day to improve, but they shouldn’t overshadow the good that you discovered.

Work on Improving Yourself.

Having a mentor or an accountability partner is a great way to assess yourself and make improvements. Seeing yourself through the eyes of another person typically provides clarity that you alone cannot accomplish.

Find Ways to be of Service to Others

Your community may need what you have to offer. Determine how you can serve others by volunteering, coaching a little league team, and using your skills to support a small non-profit’s need.

Being in service to others shifts your focus and helps you experience the world in a way that some of your peers cannot, which gives you a leg up on empathy, sacrifice, and on life.

Strive to Live a Balanced Life

Striving to live a balanced life will not only put you ahead of your peers, but it will help you live a better, fulfilled life. When life is too busy, we tend to fall out of balance; however, being conscious of how we feel when life is balanced and when it isn’t is the secret to living a balanced life.

Being self-aware will help you to know when your life is out of balance clearly. To get yourself back on track, establish a plan that will help you find balance once again. To live a balanced life, focus on (1) time with family, (2) your physical health, (3) time with your friends, (4) Managing your financial health (5) making time for your spiritual health.


There is no secret potion that will set you apart from your peers. The trick is living intentionally and with an intense focus on all that you want to accomplish; while living each day with self-awareness and one small success towards your goals.

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  • Nkem

    Living intentionally, yes!! Super super important. When living consciously and intentionally, we find alignment and live in the ways that are right for us!

  • Adriana Thani

    Feeling secure and confident in your values can be difficult in today’s modern world, where we’re constantly told we’re not good enough as we are. But rejecting that notion and showing up authentically has rewarded me with some of the best friendships, connections, and conversations I’ve ever had. It is so worthwhile to dig deep and find your purpose, so you can seek out others who do the same!

  • Lady Chi

    Since hitting my thirties I have decided to work becoming the best version of myself. Your post explains so well why this is so important! I love it

  • Vi-Zanne

    Great tips! As I grow older, I find that my social circle becomes a littler smaller, but that’s because I am choosing to surround myself with people who share similar values. This is so important because they are the ones who are constantly challenging me to improve myself everyday. Thanks for sharing this!

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