What every woman should do and know before marriage
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Preparing for Marriage: What Every Woman Should Know and Do.

Most girls aspire to be married but fail to work on themselves in preparation for marriage. Marriage can sometimes be challenging, but the steps we take in preparing for marriage can significantly impact the success of the marriage despite the challenges. A self-aware and confident woman in the value of who she is will enable her to communicate her needs confidently and wants to her partner.

What a Woman Should Know Before Marriage

  • Your Spouse will not Complete You
  • It is Unfair to Expect Your Spouse to MEET All of Your Needs
  • Manage Your Expectations
  • Understand Your Strengths and What Characteristics will Complement Your Strengths
  • Understand that Love is a feeling… it fluctuates
  • Accept Who You Are

Know-How You Want To Be Treated

  • With respect in every aspect of life, with love, kindness, and value-driven affection.

Know and Understand Your Love Language.

  • Acts of Service
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Physical Touch
  • Quality Time
  • Words of Affirmation
Before Marriage: What Every Woman Should Know and Do.Know and Understand Your Love Language.1. Acts of Service2. Receiving Gifts3. Physical Touch4. Quality Time5. Words of Affirmation Click To Tweet

Define What Love Looks Like

  • For yourself and ultimately for your future Spouse
  • A picture of love for me personally is an assurance, through actions, that my partner supports me, my dreams and aspirations, and respects and values my worth.

Learn How to Lead with an open heart and Trust Your Partner

  • Learn how to have a heart that leads with trust. Not waiting for your partner to earn your trust.

Understand What Will Cause You to Lose Trust

  • I created a short list of non-negotiables before my wedding. I watched how infidelity hurt many women in my family, including my mom, so one of my non-negotiables was, “if you cheat, I’m out.”
  • Establish how trust is built and how it can be broken by creating a list of non-negotiables.

Define And Solidify the Values, Ethics, and Beliefs that are important to you.

  • Use this worksheet to help you craft your perfect personal values statement.

Establish Immediate Short and Long-Term Goals

  • Personal Goals
  • Goals for Your Marriage
  • Plans for Your Future Family

Thanks for exploring this topic with me.

Idara Joy

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  • Nishtha

    Love this! Yes we should not marry to complete ourself and you cannot expect another person to meet all of your needs. Marriage is beautiful but does take lot of efforts and time


    This is such a good read after 23 years of a happy marriage I just have to say it is not for the faint of heart, it takes a lot of work on both sides, and you have to be willing to grow together in the same direction not apart in separate paths only for yourself.

    • Nikki

      23 years wow. After 11 years of marriage, I am just learning these lessons. Can’t wait to see what lessons I gain as I move towards 23 years.

  • Digitaldaybook

    Thanks for sharing these! So important to sit and reflect and discuss these topics with your partner before marriage. And making sure the topics are ongoing throughout your marriage.

  • Karletta

    Great advice. My husband and I will be married 28 years this year. Building a deep Friendship based on trust and continual open communication has been crucial … before and during our marriage

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