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Bob Books: Helpful Tips for Beginner Readers.

Parents in my circle often ask, why does your son read so well? Why does your daughter always have a book with her? The short answer is that my son came out of the womb with a love for learning. My daughter has had a book in her hand from the crib. The more important answer, we surrounded them with books, like Bob Books, to support their learning stages.

My husband and I love Bob Books. Our children’s love of books is a testament to the benefits of these books. Bob Books are our go-to gift for the children in our lives.

We incorporated Bob Books into our homework routine when my daughter was three (3) years old because they mimicked the 3-word format of the site words her teacher sent home.

Why Bob Books

BOB Books have simple, decodable words in a book without the distraction of intense illustrations so that children will learn to decode the words.


Bob Books’ layout is intentionally simple to withdraw the little ones’ attention from the animated pictures and focused more on the page’s words; that’s the main point. Simple but yet attractive pictures ensure that the reader isn’t overwhelmed, but rather the books give the reader an instant nudge of success.

Studies have found that a key to success for a new reader is short, easy to read words that can be connected to form sounds. Bob Books provide these basic elements by starting with small short words that can easily be connected to sound.

Progressive Sets

 The books come with 12 books in the Conclusion

Using Bob Books to help your little reader is a great step. But even better is a combination of techniques like reading aloud to your kids from an early age. We started reading to our kids as early as one week old; now, at age 5 & 8, they read quietly to themselves or out loud to us.

I wanted to write a review of Bob Books because I have first-hand experience using them and can stand by the results. We used it on both kids, and it provided tremendous positive results.

When it comes to reading material for a new reader, I think it is always helpful to follow their lead (within reason). Find a path and a process that works for your family; incorporate these books when you feel that your family is ready; the results are incredible.

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