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Value of a Woman,  What I Wish my Mother Taught Me

Increasing self-confidence: 3 ways to increase Self-confidence.

How do you approach anxiety or uncomfortable issues in your life? Your response and reaction to issues as they arise directly reflect the confidence you have in yourself.

Issues are a part of daily life. Whether at work or home or even just driving on the road or while shopping. Responding to the issues or an uncomfortable situation as they arise requires courage—unshakable confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Having courage begins from within. Some people choose to run away when issues arise and avoid dealing with them altogether. In contrast, others choose to deal with the issues head-on.

Unshakeable Sef-Confidence

Unshakeable confidence is best defined by understanding the meaning of confidence. Confidence means having a strong belief or assurance. Self-confidence is being sure of one’s own abilities. Having unshakeable confidence is having a complete assurance in your abilities that forces you to not waiver when issues pop up throughout the day.

How do you go about exercising unshakeable confidence? (1) By knowing what you know and making no apologies for it. (2) Accepting other people around you know more than you in other areas. (3) Giving yourself and others the freedom to live in their truths.

Confidence in what you know

From age 17, I have been on a journey to discover myself and my purpose. I have continued on this journey, and I am amazed at the discoveries I make regularly. What this journey has helped me with is my self-confidence and knowing my self-worth.

My confidence has grown from simply gaining knowledge and then working on mastering the knowledge gained. Failing at many things also helped me challenge myself and use my strengths in creative ways.

What are you good at?

Figure out what you are good at and become a master of those things. Becoming a master of the things you are sure of increases your self-confidence. People will seek you out for your knowledge based on your confidence in the subject matter.

Confidence in the knowledge of others.

As my confidence increased based on what I know, it also grew from accepting what I do not know but learning to lean on others who are more knowledgeable in areas where I am lacking.

To some people, accepting that other people have more knowledge about a specific topic seems like a defeat; but I think of this as a strength.

Practice acceptance.

I use this in my daily practice at work. I know what I can confidently base my decisions on and know where I do not have enough knowledge to be confident in. To balance this, I hire more knowledgeable people than I am in some areas and use their knowledge to make informed decisions.

Confidence to allow others to live in their truth.

Your self-confidence and confidence in others allow people to live honestly and behave authentically when interacting with you.

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Idara Joy.

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