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Quiet Blessings

Quiet blessings

Occurrences in our lives that seem insignificant but, in reality, make a world of difference to our daily life.

It’s the small blessings in life that sustains us

Quiet Blessing #1.

Your car turns on every time you insert the key into the ignition. Immense blessing!

In 2018, my husband and two kids were involved in a car accident. They all walked away from it without a scratch. But the car was totaled. The greatest blessing from this was that my family, my 3-year-old, 6-year-old, and husband were all unharmed. I, however, was left without a car for weeks.

My cousin was kind enough to lend me his car for a while. For two weeks, his car would start in the morning and then decide not to start after work, or it just wouldn’t bother starting in the mornings. We changed the battery twice to no avail, we took it to the mechanic, and the response was, “we don’t see anything wrong.”

It was the most inconvenient time because it affected our daily routine of school drop-offs and pick-up, running errands, getting to and from work, etc.

After about three months, I was able to purchase a new vehicle. Now, I am beyond grateful every time I start my car; it works. QUIET BLESSING.

Quiet Blessing #2.

Your kids are healthy and have the basic things they need on a daily basis.

I work in a nonprofit. One of my programs that help youths who have aged out of the foster care system gain skills to become stable as adults. Some of their stores growing up in the foster care system is heartbreaking. Even now, as adults trying to start their lives without the support of a mom or dad or sibling, having to rely on food pantries for food and sleeping in shelters.

I have one young lady that works in the reception area; she does not speak to anyone, only to say “hello, please sign here.” to the agency visitors. When asked why she is so quiet, her response is because “I don’t want to get comfortable, and then you’ll tell me to leave.”


Yet, I come home, and my kids have probably had two meals in a span of 4 hours, their dad is doing homework with them, they have clean clothes and a room to go to every night. They can brush their teeth in a bathroom without having to wait for their turn. My husband and I are available for support when they fall or fail or, in the words of my son, “when his heart is broken.” QUIET BLESSING.

Quiet Blessing #3.

When you go an entire day, and your clothes do not rip.
We were at a wedding, and as my husband sat down, his pants ripped, leaving a long slit. It was hilarious to me because he likes everything to be perfect.

We luckily figured out a change of outfit to enable us to remain at the wedding. But could you imagine being at a wedding with over 300 guests and your outfit rips in the wrong place? QUIET BLESSINGS


Anne Lamott

I can list so many little things that are blessings, like my daily morning coffee. What can you count as a quiet blessing in your life?

Thanks for exploring this topic with me.

Idara Joy

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