Lesson's from Leah's life
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Reflections of Leah’s Life.

I love the story of Leah in the Bible. When studying the story of Jacob, Leah, and Rachel, the Bible places more attention and emphasis on Jacob’s love for Rachel, but not much is said about Leah. But boy oh boy, Leah was a force.

I remember the first time I read the story, found in Genesis 29; I was amazed by Leah’s story more so than Rachel’s because I could not understand why she continued to have children to gain the attention of her husband.

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you went through long lengths to obtain it? Much like Leah, we crave the attention of others, from our parents, our friends, our teachers, and our spouses. We think, strategize, plan, plot, and work hard at the things we believe will gain us the attention we seek.

Leah, more than anything else, wanted Jacob to love her, but he had preserved all of his love for Rachel. In her quest to be loved, Leah was unable to experience God. As Leah worked hard to gain Jacob’s attention, God gave her a lot of attention. But Leah was unable to accept that God sees her; she could not see that God favored her; despite her inability to receive God’s abundant love, God stayed faithful to his promises and continued to bless her.

I often struggle with wanting to have what I believe that I deserve. I work hard at convincing others that I deserve, whatever it is that they are withholding from me. What then transpires is that I fail to recognize the wins, favors, grace, and love of God fully present in my life.

Lessons from Leah’s Life.

In studying Leah’s story, I found the following to be lessons that we can all learn and apply to our lives.

  • Marriage was based on a faulty foundation.
  • She used her strength alone in seeking her husband’s attention.
  • She devoted most of her energy to seeking Jacob’s approval.
  • God saw her, flaws, and all.
  • God Loved her
  • God used her to achieve greatness.

Like Leah, I often use my limited ability in attempting to control my life and how others treat me. Because I become overly focused on what I may be lacking, I lose focus on blessings in my life.

I neglect to see that my son had the biggest smile when he saw me sitting on his bed when I woke up. I ignore the fact that my children wake up happy, healthy every single day while other children are lying in the hospital, literally dying. I fail to appreciate the fact that I get to go to a job that I love and where I am well received.

Apply Leah’s lessons to our lives.

  • Make every attempt to start everything on the right foundation.
  • Use wisdom, not merely any action, when seeking to meet a need.
  • Divert your attention away from what you do not have and focus on what you do have.
  • God sees you, He sees all of you. He accepts your flaws and all.
  • God Loves you!
  • The two key institutions of Israel, the priesthood (Levi) and royalty (Judah), came from Leah.

Change your focus. See what God sees in you, accept that God loves you, and there is nothing you can do to change that. Guard your heart, protect it, because from it flows the wellspring of your life. Then live your life purposefully and fully to meet the greatness God has placed inside of you.

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