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Epic! Best Digital Library for Your Kids

It was March 9th, 2020, when I picked up my kids from school. It was Spring break time, the kids hugged and said bye to their teachers, we were so excited to have a week off from school. Little did we know that the one week off would extend to two months of homeschooling.

Homeschooling was thrust into our lives, like many parents, it was beyond any “supplemental help” we usually gave our kids. My husband and I have consistently supplemented school work with our own “homework,” we spent at least an extra hour a day with both kids working on additional reading or math or writing. Nothing could have prepared us for the requirements of actual homeschooling. Honestly, my hats off to all of the homeschooling parents out there.

Epic! to the rescue

As we navigated the first couple of weeks of virtual school, my daughter’s teacher provided us with a slew of virtual products to use at home, including Epic!, literally the ultimate library for a child of any age. Epic is a subscription-based digital library for kids under age 12.

When it is homework time, my eight-year-old logs on independently and finds a book with a quiz and gets to reading, she takes the quiz afterward, and I receive a report via email at the end of each week. I also have the option to log on to the parents portal and check her progress.

For a family of readers and learners, Epic was a lifesaver. After the school year ended and the library was closed, we were able to log both the eight and the 4-year-old to read and play games.

Epic has a book for every interest

You will find hundreds of books to satisfy your child’s interest. For example, if your child has an interest in reading and learning about the moon, Epic has an entire section on the moon. My daughter loves the chapter books section. One blog post isn’t enough to discuss the enormous help epic has been to my household during the pandemic, but try it for yourself with their 30 days free trial option. You have nothing to lose, if you do not see the benefit in it, you lose nothing, but at least get the opportunity to explore thousands of books with your little one.

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