Nurture the natural abilities of your child.
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Encouraging your child’s natural ability.

We are all born with natural gifts, abilities, and talents, which is evident from a young age, usually disguised as play. But often a child playing is actually a child exhibiting their natural-born skills.

Have you watched a child joyfully play with blocks or legos just building different things? Or watched a child command the playground and tell other kids what to do, how to do it, what the rules of the game are?

Adults tend to misunderstand or misread these behaviors. Some adults think playing with blocks for hours is a waste of time, or sees the child on the playground as bossy.

But, I see these two scenarios as an opportunity to cultivate greatness by helping the child to improve upon their skills and abilities. I believe that every person on earth is born with natural skills, and my goal as a parent is to encourage my kids to use their talents and abilities well and for the good of their community.

All Kids are Special

All parents believe that their children are special, I sure do. I talk and brag about my kids to everyone willing to indulge me. But unlike some parents, not only do I believe that my kids are special, I believe that ALL children are special. It is our job as parents to nurture their uniqueness.

Things arents always as they appear.

Recognizing gifts and abilities is a talent in and of itself. Things aren’t always as they seem because, at first glance, a child who takes command of the playground, making up rules and determining results appears bossy, but what that becomes is training on leadership.

Learn to teach your child how to channel their energy to cultivate an atmosphere of skills development.

A child who takes the time to read books for hours, might at first glance seem like an introvert, but with dilegence and nurture they can become a future writer or storyteller.

A child who spends hours playing with paint and drawing is creativity at its best. Encourage creativity in other ways. Seek out other means for them to use their creative abilities.

A child that starts a project but gets quickly bored is an idea generator; they have great ideas but need help executing their ideas. No matter how insignificant the idea seems, help them execute as mush as poosible.

The child needs to be taught to write down their ideas on paper and tackle one at a time. A parent should get involved with the child and help them execute some of their ideas.

Practice Positive Reinforcement

We can use our talents and abilities positively or negatively. Therefore, a child needs proper guidance from the adults in his or her life to use their abilities well and for good.

It is our duty as parents to pay attention to our kids and observe their strengths and weaknesses.

Encouraging and Improving Talents

  1. Encourage your kids to simply play.
  2. Expose your children to different things and different groups of people and observe their reaction and interaction.
  3. Encourage your kids to speak to you and communicate their feelings.
  4. Get in the habit of sitting back and watching your child in their natural state; what angers them. Which activity ignites the most excitement? What subject in school is easy for them?
  5. When you observe skills, encourage more of it by providing resources to support them.
  6. When your child decides that what you thought was talent is no longer of interest to them, accept it.

Thanks for exploring this topic with me.

Idara Joy

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  • Monica Tatomir

    I completely agree, all children are special and should be treated as such. I think that the theory of multiple intelligences addresses the idea you propose, that each child has a different ability and talent and we should nurture that. Great article!

  • Mariah green

    I have two girls that are very close in age and I am always make sure to celebrate both of them separately for their accomplishments. They often times get very competitive but I try to teach them that they are two different people and they won’t be equally good at everything. That way they help one another in areas they are lacking.

  • Nishtha

    Totally agree. As a parent as well as a mom, I know
    how positive reinforcement and encouragement can help grow and develop a child’s confidence and ability!

  • Olufunke Kolapo

    You are right. All kids are special born with their own natural talents. An just because your child is not displaying the ones you expect doesn’t me he doesn’t possess one.

  • Digitaldaybook

    I don’t have kids yet but I observe my two year old cousin and it’s very interesting to watch him and piece together his personality!

  • Tana

    I love what you said about qualities that may be perceived as negative (e .g., bossiness). These are actually hidden strengths in children that just need to be supported and channeled in the right direction (e.g., leadership)!

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