Find your self, find your purpose
What I Wish my Mother Taught Me

Find your purpose by getting to know yourself.

There is so much talk about purpose and living life of purpose. The fact still remains that we are all created with specific gifts. Our gifts are the anchors to our life’s purpose because we are all in this world to fulfill specific purposes.

We are to use these gifts to fulfill our purpose in supporting the people around us. Supporting others could be, your co-workers on at work, your partner, your parents, your siblings, your kids, your church, etc. How do you find your purpose? First, determine your gifts because it will lead you to your purpose. How do you determine your gifts? get to know yourself better.

An important factor in determining your specific gift is paying attention to your daily life. Getting to know yourself and seeing yourself the way the rest of the world sees you. Start by asking yourself three questions.

What Do I Do Well

What are the things you do or have done in the past that gathers praise or admiration from others? Make a list of things you have done at work, in school or for personal friends that your boss, co-workers, teachers or friends, and family complimented.

Your purpose lies in the things you do well. The things that people are eager to compliment you on. If you are unable to think of a time you have been complimented on a job well done, then it’s time to start paying attention to the things you are doing and keeping tally of those that garner compliments.

What do I Enjoy Doing?

What are the things that you just like to do? Something as simple as going to the movies, or fishing. Are there specific types of movies that you enjoy watching or specific sports? Your passion lies within those things as well.

I really love learning about purpose and living purposefully. I enjoy people giving me one idea and I take that one idea and can turn it into 10 different ideas and tell you how you can turn that idea in to a business.

What do you enjoy? I have a friend who enjoys reading novels, she loves it. She can read novels all day. Part of her gifting is seeing the good in everything and everyone. Her love of novels lends itself to seeing the good in others because she loves love, she leads with love, her first intention with everyone is to love them. She then applies this gift into her service industry work by exhibiting compassion for the people she helps every day.

I love to bake. I am not very good at baking, but I love to bake because there is a system and process to baking. Systems and processes are my thing and baking allows me to use my brain in a way that I like to while creating simple treats for my kids.

So think about the simple things that you like to do, whether you are good at those things or not isn’t important. What is important is the reason why you enjoy the specific activity, because finding your purpose lies within the activity. As you come up with things, write them down.

What Lights you Up?

Are there things you do that just give you joy? what are the things you do that gets your excited? What lights you up inside? Read this post about discovering the things that light you up.

There are things you do each day or week or once in a while that just gets you excited. What are those things? I frequently go for very long walks, because I use that time to learn more about purpose and gifts. I find podcasts and or sermons to listen to that get me all excited about my favorite topic.

Ask yourself the 3 questions listed and keep a journal of your answers. Pay attention to your daily life and use daily instances to get to know yourself better.

As you get to know yourself better, improve on the things you discover, strengthen those muscles. Find ways to increase your strengths and highlight those strengths more in your daily life. Please share your list with us when you have it.

Thanks for exploring this topic with me.


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