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Characteristics of a Faith Partner

What is a Faith Partner

A partnership is where two or more people are engaged in the same activity to bring about the desired outcome. A faith partner is a person involved with you on all matters of faith. The partnership enables you both to have someone support you in prayer, pray with you, someone to pray for you when you are unable to pray for yourself. Your faith partner can be your spouse, a good friend, a child. Your faith partner is anyone that agrees to engage in biblical activities to support both of your growth in Christ.

My Faith Partner

My faith partner and I have been partners in faith for over seven years. Our favorite time is when we both decide on a book of the bible to study and get very involved in every detail of the word. I learn and grow so much during this time. I also have times of weakness where I cannot pray and cannot hear God. My faith partner encourages me during those times of weakness until I reconnect with the Holy Spirit. In the over seven (7) years of partnership with her, I have discovered the characteristics of a great faith partner.

Characteristics of a Faith Partner

Your Faith Partner Accepts You, Flaws and All.

In any relationship, whether marital, professional, or otherwise, to have a successful relationship, each person must be willing to accept the flaws of the other. The great thing about having a faith partner is that not only do they accept your flaws. They also lovingly caution you with grace and mercy when you are not at your best.

Your Faith Partner Helps You Grow in Faith.

In the past seven years, not a day goes by that I do not receive a Youtube video sermon, or a bible verse or a song that builds my faith. Your faith partner should provide words, songs, encouragement that increases your spiritual growth and draws you closer to God. They should not be discouraging or unmotivated, your partner should offer seeds that help you grow, and you do the same for them.

Your Faith Partner Includes You on Their Prayer List.

Every day, your life is positively affected in remarkable ways. Someone calls you by name and asks God to bless you, to bless your job, your family. Someone prays and asks God for exactly what you need at that point in your life. Especially when you are unable to pray for yourself. Having a faith partner means that you are blessed because, at least once a day, the heavens hear your name in prayer.

Your Faith Partner Shares Your Love for God.

The most significant experience I have had in my life is my relationship with God. Having a faith partner who shares your love of God brings about an energy that the words on this page cannot describe. I get so much joy talking about God and being in awe of His love, His gifts, His creativity, and friendship. My joy is magnified when I can speak with my faith partner and realize that someone else in the world shares the same pleasure.

Get yourself a faith partner because a faith partner will understand why you have joy, will know why you are sad, and will know exactly how to approach God on your behalf. A faith partner will know when to celebrate with you and when to ask God to bring about something to celebrate. A faith partner will honor your growth, those that are significant, and those you think are insignificant.

Do you have a faith partner? Tell us about your experience with your faith partner

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  • Karletta

    I hadn’t heard of the concept of a faith partner before. My faith partner is my husband. I enjoy the discussions and disagreements we have talking all things spiritual. How did you go about choosing a faith partner?

  • Dayana

    Having faith partner will boost our confidence and improve our relationship. its really wonderful when someone care for us.

  • Monica Tatomir

    I didn’t know the concept of faith partner. I would say that my faith partner is my husband, we swore our love in front of God and have been carrying this love ever since.

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