Every Man Should Know About His Spouse
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The One Thing Every Man Should Know About His Spouse.

The one thing every man should know about his spouse is that his spouse’s energy controls the energy within the home because she is the heart and, the center of the home. A husband plays an important role in the energy shift.

The energy of the mom drives everything. Her energy moves into each room. Her warmth moves into each room of the house. When a mother is happy the home is filled with joy and happiness. When a mother is sad, sadness fills every inch of the home. When a mother is excited, the home receives her and everyone else with excitement.

Happy Wife, Happy Life.

Whomever it was that coined the phrase, “happy wife, happy life,” was definitely on to something. So also 1 Peter 3:7, encourages husbands to be considerate of the way they live with their wives so as to not hinder their prayers. I notice that on the days that I am frustrated, my kids are a bit more agitated. When I come home from work excited, I can feel the energy from the front door, when I am sad, my kids’ energy is low, they worry, they become sad to match my energy.

Every Man should Know what Drives the Energy in His Home.

What every man should understand about his spouse is that the energy of his home is dependent on the joy she feels. The joy of his children is dependent on her joy. So, do those things that bring joy to your spouse, no matter how little it may be. Even just a little gesture to make her smile each day, will go a long way to shifting the energy in the home and the peace in the home.

Bring Joy, Laughter, and Peace into Your Home.

The message on this post is simple. Husbands, discover the things that bring joy, laughter, and peace and lovingly do just a bit of those things each day. Because the Joy, the Laughter and the Peace within the home depends on it.

What is the one thing you feel that every man should know about their spouse?

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