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My Two Heroes During this Pandemic.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

There are two prominent types of heroes emerging from the pandemic. HealthCare Workers and Teachers. I have had the privilege of having my kids at home for two weeks, well they’ve been home with my mother in law while my husband and I are at work. But I stayed home one day this week and I find myself wondering how teachers and school administrators survive an entire day with my kids. 

Healthcare Workers are My Heroes

My best friend is a registered nurse and through her experience this week I have determined that Healthcare workers are my heroes and should be yours also. While we have all been asked to shelter in place and work really hard to avoid crowds and people, healthcare workers are asked to do the opposite. They’ve been asked to not shelter in place and in the case of my best friend, administer testing to sick patients and care for those who may have been exposed to the virus.

The general population runs away from danger, while doctors, nurses, run to the front lines of danger. When there is a natural disaster, fire, storm, infection, global pandemic they run towards it, allowing the rest fo us to run away from danger.

Show some love to a healthcare worker, not just when there is a global health pandemic, but every opportunity you get. Because they earn it every day.

Teachers are My Heroes

My husband and I pride ourselves on how we make sure our kids’ education is priority. We do homework every day, whether the teachers send homework home or not. We have a library full of “daddy’s homework” which we pull from when there is no homework form school.

But all teachers deserve a standing ovation after these past two weeks. I created a daily schedule for the kids to follow, I purchased additional toys and games for entertainment, I invested in new apps for each of their IPADS and still yet the kids were bored. Completing homework with the kids even for 20 to 30 minutes at a time is challenging because I now realize that my kids have a very short attention span, so a 20 minute work time turns into 45 minutes.

Teachers to the Rescue

My kids’ teachers have been awesome, sending videos and activities and just checking in every couple of days and that has helped the kids to have some normalcy in their life. Appreciate your teachers, appreciate homeschooling parents because after attempting to teach for a week, I have a newfound appreciation for teachers and stay at home parents.

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