Surrender all authority to God
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All Authority Belongs to God.

In times of struggle, we should take comfort in remembering that all authority belongs to God. We struggle with so much, day in and day out. Often wondering why we are unable to set goals and why we are unable to achieve the goals we do set. We get frustrated and irritated when the results we expect from our hard work are not realized.

Surrender all Authority to Him.

The missing piece might just be God. Do you surrender it ALL? do you surrender every bit of action or inaction to God? Recently I was having some personal challenges and spoke with a pastor about the issues I was facing. The pastor gave me assignments to complete that were out of my comfort zone.

I was tasked with humbling myself and confronting an issue with humility. I was honest with the pastor and told him that I honestly could not complete the assignments because I was uncomfortable. He then suggested that through prayer I surrender my discomfort, my fears and all of my excuses to God.

Finding Peace in His Authority

I had so much anxiety the entire day, but then I went into my closet and just poured my heart out to God. I asked that He go ahead of me and speak through me because without his help I would be lost. At that moment I experienced God’s authority, as soon as I went to tackle the assignment, the recipient of my message was immediately receptive of my words. It was evident that once I surrendered all authority to God, He stepped in and gave me better than my expected outcome.

Trust Him-Surrender to Him-give Him the authority so that you can experience better than you expected.

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