How to Establish Effective Communication with your partner.

People often say that the success of a relationship depends on communication. My argument is that EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONS is the key to a successful relationship. But how do you do establish effective communication?


If you were interested in learning a foreign language, you would begin with the basics. Like learning the ABCs? In order to learn your partner’s language, you must begin with the basics. So, the question to ask yourself is “what are the basics of my partner’s language? What are the foundations?

I am pretty direct and impatient, so my partner knows that the key to effectively communicate with me is to speak clearly and get straight to the point, that is the foundation of my communication style. My husband, on the other hand, is extremely detailed. He literally has a checklist on his mind and he must touch on every point on his checklist. Over the years, I have accepted that he was sent into my life do help me become more patient because I have learned that his message is in the details and I must listen to every word to understand the message being conveyed.

To establish effective communication in your relationship, each of you must learn and understand the basics of the other’s communication style.


active listening helps you to quickly resolve issues by limiting misunderstanding. One cannot effectively hear what is being said if he or she interrupts their partner.

It creates an atmosphere of understanding, where the speaker feels heard and the listener confirms what has been said by asking clarifying questions.

Effective listening requires that you stop what you are doing, make eye contact with your partner and just listen.


If your intention is to develop a strong communication pattern in your relationship, then you must keep an open mind. A good practice during times of exchange is to breathe through it; every time you feel an urge to interrupt, simply take a deep breath.

DO NOT PASS JUDGMENT, but pay attention to your partner’s words and empathize with the emotions behind the words.


You should keep in mind that your partner’s words represent their feelings. Refrain from jumping to a conclusion, do not impose your thoughts, your only responsibility to the speaker is simply to listen and empathize with their feelings. When you get the chance to speak, your partner will reciprocate the same actions and empathy you gave.

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