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Where are you in your Spiritual Journey?


I keep a journal of sermons, I have done that since 2001. I keep the journal close by for inspiration; the journal is there when I need to give advice; when I need to be inspired; when I am not sure what the Holy Spirit is saying to me.

I woke up for my daily devotional time and began the process as I typically would, by flipping through my journal in search of inspiration or a message to guide my devotion time, as I went through each page none of the sermons offered any inspiration or guidance. So I slowed down and went through several pages and noticed a pattern in my notes, most of my notes were ON purpose and vision.


I have been on a journey to find my purpose and create a vision for my life. In December of 2019, I discovered my purpose which meant that all of the messages in my notes were obsolete. Notes that were meant to guide my search for vision and purpose will not help me in the next phase of my spiritual journey, they may help me help others, but my focus has changed. So what is next for me? I decided that the next step in my spiritual journey is to go deeper with God.

I have since gone back to reading the bible from the beginning, starting with Genesis, studying Genesis word for word. What I have discovered so far is that as I study the word with the intention of going deeper and getting closer to God as opposed to the focus being solely on my needs, I have been introduced to a whole new world into God, for example, do you know what God’s love language is? I didn’t either until I intentionally focused on knowing and learning about God intimately. Where are you in your spiritual journey? A few tips to help determine where you are and how to arrive at a point of going deeper with God.


  • Where am I in my spiritual journey?
  • Consider whether you continue to ask for the same things over and over?
  • Do you continue to ask for the same things because you have not gotten an answer or because you don’t like the response you received?
  • What answers are int eh Word to help you navigate the next steps?
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