What to do when fear shows up in your life
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5 Biblical Steps to overcome fear.

What is your natural response when fear shows up in your life? How do you overcome the fear? my response is usually anxiety and avoidance. Learning to focus on other things might offer some comfort.

The Promises of God.

How many times during trials do you think back and remember the promises of God? When faced with trials and issues that cause you to be anxious, how many times do you shut out the noise and remember how far God has brought you?

In times of trial, if you go to God and allow the Holy Spirit to remind you of God’s loving grace and kindness, it opens your heart you are reminded of the promises God has made to you; you are to remember that no matter how dire the situation He’s not done with you yet.

Jacob’s Response to Fear.

In Genesis 32, when Jacob was preparing to meet with his brother Esau, he sent his servants ahead to deliver a message to Esau. The servants returned and told Jacob that Esau and 400 of his men were coming to meet Jacob. Believing that Esau was coming to harm him, Jacob became afraid for his safety and the safety of his family and possessions.

What Jacob did in response to the anxiety he felt at that moment was powerful; Jacob immediately took five (5) action steps that made all the difference for him and his brother. He Planned- He Prayed – He was Honest – He used Wisdom – He was Persistent.

5 Actions Steps to Overcoming Fear.

1. Jacob acted on instinct and developed a PLAN to protect his property and family.

2. Jacob then stopped, gathered himself, and began to PRAY. He invited God into the center of the issue. In his prayer, Jacob was literally in awe of all that God had done for him. Putting his fear aside, Jacob focused on God first in his prayer. He began to remember where God had brought him from and how much he gained simply because of God’s kindness and faithfulness.

3. Jacob then began to ask God for protection and was HONEST to God about his belief that Esau would attack him and his family. But as he asked God for protection, the Holy Spirit then reminded him of God’s promise “I will surely make you prosper and will make your descendants like the sand of the sea, WHICH CANNOT BE COUNTED.”

4. Then Jacob used WISDOM to diminish his fear. He selected gifts and sent them in separate droves ahead of him to his brother Esau. Jacob HUMBLED himself by instructing his servants to inform Esau that the animals with them belong to “your servant Jacob.” Jacob humbling himself by sending his servants ahead of him to inform Esau that he is higher than Jacob, that Jacob is but a mere servant.

5. When Jacob wrestled with God, he was PERSISTENT in holding on to God until he received his blessing; he did not let go of God until God blessed him.

Be PERSISTENT with God. Pursue all your plans with persistence and hold on to God until he blesses you and fulfills his promises.

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