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How to Discover your Life’s purpose through self-discovery.

Living your life’s purpose begins when you discover the gifts and talents that excite you. A journey of self-discovery gets you closer to finding your purpose. If you think as far back as your childhood, elementary, middle, and high school, you will discover a pattern that helps you better understand yourself.

Journey in Self-Discovery

Junior and senior years of high school were the most confusing and stressful times of my teenage experience. My classmates had ideas of what career paths to explore, which colleges to apply to, etc. I, on the other hand, was completely lost. I had no clarity about what I was supposed to do with my life.

The adults in my life did not provide the best career guidance or my guidance counselor at school. So I did what many people without a career path do, choose a major without a plan for my future. So, I decided to obtain a degree in business management.

I look at my career today, and I really cannot explain how I got here; however, what I can say is the journey to discovering my purpose was painfully delightful. I wish someone had introduced me to the idea of gifts, talents, and purpose early on; my journey would have been much smoother and faster.

Finding Purpose in the things You Like to Do

I met with a young lady recently, a senior in High School. She had questions about what she should do with her life. She wants to attend law school because people have told her that she argues well, she could do nursing because her mom says it’s a great idea, she hates math and doesn’t really like science.

As she spoke, none of the ideas seemed exciting to her. I asked her what she likes to do, what hobbies she really enjoys, and there it was, her face lit up as she said: “I like to do hair.” She lit up, talking about hairstyles; I could literally see the joy that hairstyling brings to her.

After 2 hours of talking, I again asked her the question. “What do you enjoy doing?” she said. “I like doing hair” then I asked what she wants to do, and she said, “I really want to do hair.” That seemed easy enough for me.

I told her to start there. Register to get a license as a cosmetologist and do hair on the weekends, in the evenings, any free time. Get a college degree in English to support her plan and her family’s vision of law school.

As I watched her face light up as she talked about hair, I advised her to stick with hair styling because she lights up when she talks about it. I believe she will be most successful in doing what ultimately brings her joy.

Your Life’s Purpose is found in the things that light you up. What Motivates You?

So my question to you is, what lights you up? Are you doing that thing now? Are you working towards it? Or is it tucked away where no one can see it, where no one can experience the joy of your gift?

It would help if you spent at least an hour a week working on the things that excite you and improving your skills in your gifts. The time spent does not have to be time at a traditional job. It could simply be a hobby or volunteering an hour of your time each week to keep the light from dimming.

How Do You Discover your Gifts and Life Purpose?

Discover Your Talents and Gifts by.1. Paying attention to the things that bring you joy. 2. Try any and everything that is of interest to you.3. Stop listening to the opinion of everyone. Click To Tweet

1. Pay attention! Slow everything down, and pay attention to yourself. Discover the things that make you smile when the topic comes up because therein lies answers to your life’s purpose, like the thing(s) that you are quick to say yes to when people ask for your help. Find your purpose by doing a deep exercise on discovering your life’s purpose.

2. Do not question it or hesitate; do it. The worst thing that could happen is that you find out you do not like it. But at least you have eliminated one option and can focus on the next thing.

3. Stop listening to the opinion of others. Truly pay attention to yourself and what drives your energy. Once you can quiet all of the voices, you will discover what lights you up.

Thanks for exploring this topic with me.


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