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What I Wish My Mother Taught Me-Podcast

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How to teach kids about effective communication. With Anna Scoby

Teaching kids the magic of communication and the power of words can open up so many opportunities. If they know how to communicate, they can communicate well with each other, collaborate, and create and advocate for themselves effectively.

What I Wish My Mother Taught Me About Marriage and Raising College aged Kids

She and I discuss what she teaches her teenagers and how her relationship with her college-age daughter is now one of counselor and less parenting. We also dive into the truth about marriage and how unprepared we are going into it.

What I Wish My Mother Taught Me about Validation and Judgement

What I learned from our conversation is to validate my kids; I also learned to appreciate the importance of validating my children’s feelings and talents.  I knew that words really do matter.  My guest was absolutely vulnerable, and this episode is perfect for a girl looking for ways to validate themselves so that they can show up authentically to the world. 

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